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That’s the addon capable to completely alter the concept of responsive navigation. It has a job to manage the navigation menu items in terms of available horizontal space. It’ll group on-the-fly all of the menu items that don’t fit and create the dropdown instead. That’s how you don’t need to use Mobile Dropdown Breakpoint because OoohBoi Smarter Menu adapts to any resolution and viewport size.
Key features
Key drawbacks
Works with:

Nav Menu Widget

How it works?
When in Editor, select the target Nav Menu widget, open the Style tab and expand OoohBoi Smarter Menu panel. Use available options to style up “More” menu item.

Elementor 2.7 or above

How to install?

Just like any other WordPress plugin. How exactly? Like this.

Addon Examples

Possible applications

Currently, there’s only one. However, that’s the one that saves your ass big time.

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Where to buy?

Smarter Menu addon for Elementor is available at Gumroad only. Buy once, update forever, use anywhere.

* Not including taxes!

Online Docs

Installation and usage instructions are available online.

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