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Smarter Menu Usage Manuals


Smarter Menu addon for Elementor should be installed like any other WordPress plugin, please don’t be confused with an “addon” term!
  • Download the package to the local drive first
  • Install the addon through the WordPress plugins screen directly (detailed instructions on YouTube)
  • Don’t forget to activate the addon through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Usage Instructions

OoohBoi Smarter Menu works with the following Elementor elements and widgets:
Nav Menu Widget

When in Editor, select the target Nav Menu Widget, open the Style tab and expand OoohBoi Smarter Menu panel. Use available settings to customize.

The Interface - Controls

Enable Smarter Menu

Smarter Menu must be enabled for the target Nav Menu widget instance explicitly.

Menu Item Icon

You can insert any available Icon to represent grouped menu items dropdown. It can be used in conjunction with Menu Item Label.

Menu Item Label

Allows you to add the textual representation of grouped menu items dropdown. It can be used in conjunction with Menu Item Icon as well.

Menu Icon and Text spacing

Controls the spacing between Menu Item Icon and Menu Item Label. That option is available ONLY IF both Menu Item Icon and Menu Item Label are defined.

Menu Item Padding

Controls the padding around the grouped menu item.

Menu Item Margin

Controls the menu item margin. Top and Bottom margin is what you would use to align the grouped menu item with existing menu items – vertically.

Border Radius

Controls the border radius of the grouped menu item.

Typography / Icon

Handle typography of the grouped menu item. Font Size shall be applied to the Icon as well so here’s where you control the icon size!

Background Color and Text / Icon Color

This is where you can set the background and text / icon colors.


How do I translate OoohBoi Smarter Menu to a different language?

First of all you gonna need gettext catalogs (.pot files) editor. My favorite is POedit. For the purpose of translation you can use any other gettext editor. Google to find one! So… Open a file named “ooohboi-smarter-menu.pot” which can be found in “ooohboi-smarter-menu/lang/” folder. Translate then save/export two files; “ooohboi-smarter-menu-YOUR_LOCALE.po” and “”. Be sure to keep your language files in “ooohboi-smarter-menu/lang/” folder! What exactly YOUR_LOCALE stands for? Well it’s more like a tag that helps WordPress identify language being used with it. For example, if you need to localize your plugin copy to Dutch, you’ll save translated files as “ooohboi-smarter-menu-nl_NL.po” and “”. If you need to translate to French it’s gonna be “ooohboi-smarter-menu-fr_FR.po” and “”. And so forth. Check out WordPress Codex for complete list of locales.

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I need help...

Feel free to ask anything in relation to OoohBoi’s Elementor Addons. In case you spotted a bug  – make a report. If you have an improvement suggestion – let me know.