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Ghost Elements Usage Manuals


Ghost Elements addon for Elementor should be installed as any other WordPress plugin, please don’t be confused with an “addon” term!
  • Download the package to the local drive first
  • Install the addon through the WordPress plugins screen directly (detailed instructions on YouTube)
  • Don’t forget to activate the addon through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Usage Instructions

Please note that OoohBoi Ghost Elements works with the following Elementor elements and widgets:
Sections, Columns, Heading Widget, Image Widget, Text Editor Widget, Video Widget, Button Widget, Divider Widget, Spacer Widget, Icon Widget

When in Editor, select one of the widgets that Ghost Elements addon works with, open the Style tab and expand OoohBoi Ghost Elements panel. Mix and match settings to create something awesome.

The Interface - Controls


Any supported Elementor element or widget can “hold” up to two ghost elements. FRONT and BACK are the terms used to distinguish between these two. Select / activate one or both by setting “Enable FRONT?” and/or “Enable BACK?” option to YES

Background Color

Color of the ghost element. You MUST set transparency to zero if background color is not needed!

Width and Height

Controls for handling the width and height of the ghost element.

Offset Top and Offset Left

Controls the distance from the origin point. Can be both positive and negative.

Border type, Border Color and Border Radius

Controls used to style up the target ghost element border.


Allows you to rotate the target ghost element.


Controls the stacking order of a target ghost element. Negative z-index value “sends” the ghost element behind the host Elementor element/widget while the positive value brings it atop.


How do I translate OoohBoi Ghost Elements to a different language?

First of all you gonna need gettext catalogs (.pot files) editor. My favorite is POedit. For the purpose of translation you can use any other gettext editor. Google to find one!

Open a file named “ooohboi-ghost-elements.pot” which can be found in “ooohboi-ghost-elements/lang/” folder. Translate then save/export two files; “ooohboi-ghost-elements-YOUR_LOCALE.po” and “”.

Be sure to keep your language files in “ooohboi-ghost-elements/lang/” folder!

What exactly YOUR_LOCALE stands for?

Well it’s more like a tag that helps WordPress identify language being used with it. For example, if you need to localize your plugin copy to Dutch, you’ll save translated files as “ooohboi-ghost-elements-nl_NL.po” and “”. If you need to translate to French it’s gonna be “ooohboi-ghost-elements-fr_FR.po” and “”. And so forth.
Check out WordPress Codex for complete list of locales.

Oh crap, there's a horizontal scroller on my page. What am I gonna do?

Ghost elements can be positioned at will and resized at will too. Which means that they might break through any content wrapper causing the horizontal scroller to show up.

In case your WordPress theme doesn’t use overflow-x: hidden; on BODY and HTML elements, this addon allows you to get rid of the scroller with just one mouse click. Here’s how…

  1. Click on the page “Settings” icon – it’s a little cog icon in the lower left corner of the editor
  2. Be sure that Settings tab is opened and General Settings panel expanded
  3. There’s an option saying “Get rid of the Horizontal scroller?” at the very bottom. Set to YES to remove the scroller.

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I need help...

Feel free to ask anything in relation to OoohBoi’s Elementor Addons. In case you spotted a bug  – make a report. If you have an improvement suggestion – let me know.